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Beeautiful Beeswax! Organic Lemon Candle.

Beeautiful Beeswax! Organic Lemon Candle.

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Our Beeautiful Beeswax! Candles are made from 100% Organic Beeswax infused with Soil Association certified (which means it has been produced to the highest ethical & environmental standards) Organic Lemon Essential Oil & Coconut Oil.

Beeswax when lit has the ability to remove nasty pollutants from the surrounding air, even bacteria, pollen & dust, so great for Hay fever & Asthma sufferers, it is therefore safe & health beneficial for you, your family & your home. With no soot deposit, or chemicals being released from synthetic fragrances, our candles truly are the safest & best candles to invest in.

The longer you leave a Beeswax candle lit the better, as it is the hardest wax in the world, hence the fantastic burn time, making them well worth the money.

As well as the wonders of the health & home benefits of the Beeswax in this candle, the Lemon also has them too!

Lemon, known as Citrus Limon, has a sharp & fruity aroma, as well as being very uplifting Lemon oil is perfect for using when illness occurs at it is microbial. We source Organic unwaxed Lemons & place the dried zest of these in the top layer of the wax as it begins to cure.

 So, light one of these candles during or after a soak in a warm bath, after a long stressful day at work or with the kids (!) or if the cold , flu & sick bugs have ‘visited’ your home & let the essential oils work their magic, whilst working hand-in-hand with the Beeswax, to clean the air.

We decorate each candle with either a vintage style Honey Bee cotton ribbon or a choice of East Of India ribbon, simply choose from the drop down box below, from this ribbon we also hang a scalloped edged brown Kraft tag, with all the product information on it, a company logo, on a scalloped edge label, to the lid.

Due to the weight of the Beeswax Candles we send them by Courier, with their door-to-door service we know they’ll arrive safe & sound, this costs £4.00, a little more than our usual £2.00 postage & packaging charge, but for something so special & fragile, as well as heavy, it deserves a little more of a ‘one-on-one’ service, please select the ‘Beeautiful Beeswax!’ shipping, when you go through the Checkout process, thank you x

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