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Beeautiful Beeswax! Organic Orange Candle.

Beeautiful Beeswax! Organic Orange Candle.

SKU: Bborc

Our Beeautiful Beeswax! Candles are made from 100% Organic Beeswax, infused with Soil Association certified (which means it has been produced to the highest ethical & environmental standards) Organic Orange Essential Oil & Coconut Oil.

As well as the wonders of the health & home benefits of the Beeswax in this candle, the Orange also has them too!

Orange, known as Citrus sinensis, has a sweet, warm & delicious citrus aroma, as well as being refreshing &  uplifting orange oil helps soothe anxieties & encourages the appetite & digestion.

 So, light one of these candles during or after a soak in a warm bath, during a stressful/anxious time & let the essential oils work their magic, whilst working hand-in-hand with the Beeswax, to clean the air too!

Our candles now come in a 490ml popular Mason Jars, no longer the Clip top Kilner Jar pictured. They are approx. 400 grams net weight, its all Beeswax, not chemicals, and now available in a  medium 240ml or our smallest 135ml jar.

We decorate each candle with either a vintage style Honey Bee cotton ribbon, a choice of East Of India ribbon, simply choose from the drop down box below, from this ribbon we also hang a scalloped edged brown Kraft tag, with all the product information on it, a company logo, on a scalloped edge label, to the lid.

Due to the weight of the Beeswax Candles we send them by Courier, with their door-to-door service we know they’ll arrive safe & sound, this costs £4.00, a little more than our usual £2.00 postage & packaging charge, but for something so special & fragile, as well as heavy, it deserves a little more of a ‘one-on-one’ service, please select the ‘Beeautiful Beeswax!’ shipping, when you go through the Checkout process, thank you x

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