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Beeautiful Beeswax! Organic Candy Cane Candle.

Beeautiful Beeswax! Organic Candy Cane Candle.

SKU: Bbcanc

This Beeautiful Beeswax! Organic candle is one of our Autumn/Winter lines we think you’ll love.

With the natural fragrance of Beeswax blended with Organic Peppermint, Vanilla, Lavender & Orange essential oils, it will add a subtle scent of sweet, minty, candy canes & the Honey, pollen & floral scent from the Organic Beeswax…beeautiful!

Beeswax when lit has the ability to remove nasty pollutants from the surrounding air, even bacteria, pollen & dust, so great for Hay fever & Asthma sufferers, it is therefore safe & health beneficial for you, your family & your home. With no soot deposit, or chemicals being released from synthetic fragrances, our candles truly are the safest & best candles to invest in.

The longer you leave a Beeswax candle lit the better, as it is the hardest wax in the world, hence the fantastic burn time, making them well worth the money.

Available in our new classic Mason Ball Jars, in 490ml, 240ml or 135ml sizes, just simply select the size of jar you want from the drop down menu below. 

These lovely jars come painted in stunning ‘Ruby’ red Authentico natural paint, lightly distressed to give them a real vintage feel. All come decorated with our pretty vintage style FTHC packaging, a candy cane striped vintage style Cotton ribbon.

A gorgeous gift for someone, or even just a treat for yourself & your home, this Christmas! 




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