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The ‘Gingerbread’ Family.


The ‘Gingerbread’ Family.

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Our Gingerbread Family are the nicest family you could ever meet & they can’t wait to come to their new homes for the Festive season!

Available in a mix of characters, its entirely up to you who you want to pick, to make up your very own delightful family.

A family consists of four characters; the Daddy – Gilbert, the Mummy – Glenda, the little boy – George & his sister little – Gracie.

If you buy a complete family not only are you saving a little, than buying them individually, but who could resist having the full collection!

A family consists of two Adults & two Juniors; which one of these you pick is entirely up to you – two Gilbert’s, two Glenda’s, or one of each & two George’s, two Gracie’s, or again a mix of each. Of course to create your own even bigger family you can buy more characters individually too. Just use the drop down option below to choose your perfect combination.

The perfect finishing touch for your own family & home, or the perfect, unique, handmade gift for a special family, this Christmas & for many more to come!

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