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Beeautiful Beeswax!

Our range of Beeswax & Soy was Candles are 100% natural, handmade by us & use British sourced ingredients where we can.
When lit Beeswax has the ability to clean the air of pollen, dust, dirt, Bacteria & any other ‘positive ion’ pollutants that shouldn’t be there, the only wax that can do this, making them ideal for Asthma & Hayfever sufferers.
Completely clean burning, Beeswax deposits no black soot, which contains carbon dioxide, into the air, on to your furnishings or decor, like other candles, making our candles truly safe for you, your air & your home.
Beeswax is also fantastic for its burn time, it is the slowest burning wax you can get, due to its extraordinarily high melting point, making them a real value for money purchase.
The Candles are available naturally, or infused with other Soil Association certified Organic Essential Oils

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